2019 NEID Giving Circle on Climate and Health


What do decreasing air quality, increasing heat stress, the spread of tropical diseases, rising suicide rates in rural India, and the decline of biodiversity in ecosystems all have in common? These challenges are all driven by climate change and are all expected to worsen over the decades to come. 


This circle explored the many ways that climate change and global health are intertwined, and sought to better understand how donors can raise awareness and address the health issues that arise as a result of climate change.  As this circle is now wrapping up, we are excited to announce that the 2019 NEID Climate and Health Giving Circle will be making three grants to Gardens for HealthThe GroundTruth Project, and Community Environmental Monitor!

Celebrating this year’s grantees!

Please join us on November 12th in celebration of both another successful year of engaged partnership and this year’s Refugee and Climate & Health Giving Circle Grantees. Email for more information and questions regarding the event.