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Invest in Thoughtful Global Philanthropy

Invest in NEID Global.
Invest in thoughtful global philanthropy. 

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We are more creative and effective when we are in the company of others. Our community creates impact together that cannot be made alone. The NEID community provides a safe space for international philanthropists where they can encourage one another and learn how to address the global problems of inequity, injustice and poverty from each other as well as their partners on the ground. 

We have formulated ambitious goals to broaden our network coast-to-coast and become a leading national resource on international philanthropy for international donors. As we grow, we are ever mindful of continuing to build a strong sense of community.  


Your contribution will help us continue to provide personalized high-touch support to our growing community.  We invite additional giving beyond Membership fees, because the real cost of our offerings is closer to $3,000 per participant. Like all non-profits NEID Global relies on the support of generous contributions to help us support global philanthropy.


Given all that is going on in the world, will you support us and make transformative social change possible?

Bold vision. Deep connections. Global impact.

Payment Information 

We accept check, credit card, and DAF payments.

To make secure payment by credit card:

  1. Please complete the Unrestricted Donation Form below

  2. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the form

  3. Complete the payment page when redirected

If paying by check:

  1. Fill out Unrestricted Donation Form below and press submit

You will be redirected to a payment page that you can ignore

2.  Make check payable to: “NEID Global”

Include “Unrestricted Donation” in the memo line

3. Mail check to: NEID Global, Industrious Copley, 131 Dartmouth St, 3rd floor Boston, MA 02116

If paying by Donor Advised Fund:

  1. Please complete the Unrestricted Donation Form below

You will be redirected to a payment page that you can ignore

  1. Please recommend a grant to: “NEID Global

  2. Include a notation that it should be directed toward “General Operating Support” 

We are happy to talk to any financial officers if they have

additional questions.

Unrestricted Donation Form


Invest thoughtfully. Invest in NEID Global.

Why are you making this donation?


This is an unrestricted donation to general operating support for NEID Global. This is not a NEID Global membership payment and this donation does not provide any membership benefits.  If you would like to also become a member of NEID Global, please navigate to the "Become a NEID Global Member" page. Membership requirements include that you are an international donor giving more than $10,000 annually to charitable causes outside of the US or have the capacity to expand your philanthropic giving internationally at this level or more. Staff of grant making institutions that are also grant-seeking organizations whose function is solely or primarily fundraising are not eligible for participation. Advisors and consultants whose function is solely or primarily business development are not eligible for membership.

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