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2019 NEID Refugee Giving Circle


Though most conflicts today are internal to states, the global refugee crisis transcends national borders to affect off corners of the world. Irrespective of the conflict, refugees face a host of common issues as the seek peace and security, ranging from the trauma of their journey to the challenging humanitarian conditions in refugee camps, prejudice from the host communities, and a lack of self-reliance and livelihoods. Should refugees successfully overcome these obstacles, they must still cope with the trauma of war for generations to come. 


This circle explored some of the key challenges, examined the gaps in funding, and sought to identify ways to improve the lives of refugees with the goal of identifying organizations and individuals who are creatively and effectively addressing issues that affect refugees and displaced persons. As our circle comes to a close, we are excited to announce that this year’s NEID Refugee Giving Circle will be making four grants to Refugee Protection InternationalYARIDBeautiful Day, and New England Arab American Organization

Celebrating this year’s grantees!

Please join us on November 12th in celebration of both another successful year of engaged partnership and this year’s Refugee and Climate & Health Giving Circle Grantees. Email for more information and questions regarding the event.

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