Through approximately 30 events per year, two simultaneously run Giving Circles, and a bi-annual Symposium, New England International Donors (NEID) offers our members a journey that helps them learn, connect, inspire, and act. This journey entails providing members access to experts, to other donor peers and to safe spaces to learn from each other. 

Connect to a growing network of philanthropists, private and family foundations, philanthropic advisors, and corporations actively engaging in international giving.

Meet and and personally engage with experts, pioneering thought leaders, and innovators shaping the field of international philanthropy and global development.

Share your passion and discover potential partners.


Inspire the strategic work of others by sharing your stories, your expertise, and your perspectives.


Help enhance the level and impact of global giving and innovation.


Empower communities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America through your active philanthropic and investment efforts.



Act by becoming a global philanthropic citizen.

Join a NEID Giving Circle and broaden the impact you have by pooling resources.

Participate in collaborative grant-making and learn how to be an effective grant maker.