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Bold vision. Deep connections. Global impact.

Help NEID Global Launch our National Strategy!

Become a Network Member

NEID Global was founded on the principles of humility, equitable partnerships, and fostering transformational change. Our international donor community seeks to change the world for the better and enable greater collective impact that can not be achieved alone. With members now joining us from 22 U.S states and grantees joining us from all over the world to inform our learnings, we have formulated ambitious goals to broaden our network coast-to-coast and become a leading national resource on international philanthropy for international donors. As we grow, we are ever mindful of continuing to build a strong sense of community.


As of 2022 NEID Global is offering Wealth Managers, Community Foundations or others that work with many donor clients the opportunity to purchase a Network Membership.  This customized membership package enables organizations to purchase several memberships at a discounted rate and to gift these to your staff and/or donors interested in international philanthropy. As a Network Member your slected colleagues and clients will have access to:






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NEID Global’s community is unique in that our members and programmatic offerings address a wide range of global issues that are relevant to international philanthropy, while providing a supportive skill-building learning environment. 

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Network membership differs from Institutional membership in that you can gift a set number of clients and/or staff NEID Global membership for one year.  

Network Membership Rates:

$2,500 - five memberships for your clients/staff

$5,000 -  ten memberships for your clients/staff

$7,500 - fifteen memberships for your clients/staff

$10,000 - twenty memberships for your clients/staff

Contact for more information on customizable packages. 

Growing globally, together.




Fill out Network Membership Form below and press submit

You will be redirected to a payment page that you can ignore

Make check payable to: “NEID Global”

Include “Network Contribution" in the memo line

Mail check to:

NEID Global, Industrious Copley,

131 Dartmouth St, 3rd floor Boston, MA 02116

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Fill out Network Membership Form below


Click submit at the bottom of the form

Complete the payment page when redirected 


Please  complete the Network Membership form below

You will be redirected to a payment page that you can ignore

Recommend a grant to: “NEID Global”

Include a notation that it should be directed toward “Network Contribution” 

We are happy to talk to any financial officers if they have additional questions.

Network Membership Form


Gift a select number of clients/staff NEID Global Membership!

Purchasing Membership For:


To ensure the comfort of all our members and to create an open learning environment, NEID Global maintains a strict non-solicitation policy. By purchasing a Network Membership at NEID Global, you confirm that your staff and/or clients are international donors with the capacity to give more than $10,000 annually to charitable causes outside of the U.S, have the capacity to expand their philanthropic giving internationally at this level or more, or are affiliates of an international institution that gives over half of it's budget to international grant-making.


You also confirm that you will not solicit other members through fundraising or business development. Staff of grant making institutions that are also grant-seeking organizations whose function is solely or primarily fundraising are not eligible for participation. Advisors and consultants whose function is solely or primarily business development are not eligible for membership.

NEID Global does not share members’ contact information inside or outside the NEID Global network without explicit permission.

Select Payment Method

*You will receive a submission confirmation email from NEID Global where you will have the opportunity to submit the names of the individuals to whom you are gifting NEID Global Network Membership.

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