We are a vibrant community of engaged global philanthropists.

New England International Donors is in large part supported by its members through their membership contributions, their sponsorship of events, and their sponsorship of our Annual Gala.  We are very grateful to our community for their support as their contributions sustain NEID's unique, vibrant, and safe learning community for international philanthropists and investors. 


GOLD STAR ($15,000+)

Landry Family Foundation

SILVER STAR ($10,000)

CATALYST ($7,500)

Alchemy Foundation


William Schrafft Foundation


PATRON ($2,500)

Alchemy Foundation
Bilezikian Family Foundation

F Three Foundation

MEMBER ($1,000)



GOLD STAR ($15,000+)

SILVER STAR ($10,000)

CATALYST ($5,000)

Amy BrakemanAfrican Leadership Academy

Peter ChooHesed Foundation

Susan Clare, Philanthropist and National Coalition Against Censorship

Vilas Dhar and Julia Fetherston, Philanthropist, Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, and Dhar Law, LLP 

Corrie Dretler, Philanthropist and Friends of Thai Daughters

Pamela Kohlberg, Philanthropist

Mary Kay Miller, Philanthropist

Doug and Audrey Miller, Philanthropist

Diana Rowan Rockefeller, Afghan Women Leaders Connect

Maureen Ruettgers, Atlantic Trust

Lisa and Jim Valone, Philanthropist

Nancy VanSciverEducation for All Children

Charlie Walsh, Philanthropist


Adrienne Allen, North Shore Physicians Group

Noubar and Anna Afeyan, Flagship Pioneering

Aixa Beauchamp, Latino Legacy Fund

Katherine CollinsHoneybee Capitol 

Patricia Dinneen, Philanthropist and Archdiocese of Boston

Tom Haslett and Emily Haslett, TILT Investment Management

Maureen Ruettgers, Philanthropist

Paul Van Der Wansem, Van der Wansem Foundation

Jean Paul Warmoes, Philanthropist

Diana Rowen Rockefeller, Philanthropist

PATRON ($1,000)

Victoria Auger, Philanthropist

Susan Blaustein, Philanthropist

Sylvia Brown, Hope Foundation

Catherine Bryant, International Philanthropist

Chelinde Edouard, Philanthropist, CME Consulting, and Haiti Fund

Marla Felcher, Philanthropist

Steven Remmer Fox and Erin Reissman, McKinsey & Company and Remmer Family Foundation 

David Haas and Lisa Clark, Philanthropist

Mary and David Hawkins, Philanthropist

Beth Holimon, Philanthropist

Constance Kane, ​​Empowered to Educate

Farida Kathawalla and Imtiaz Kathawalla, Philanthropist and American India Foundation

Susanna Place, Philanthropist

Natalie Rekstad, Black Fox Philanthropy

Judith WeissThe Samuel Rubin Foundation

Anna Whitcomb, Career Choices

Lisette Cooper, Fudiciary Trust International

Adrienne Allen, Philanthropist

MEMBER ($500)

Nish Acharya, Equal Innovation

Elizabeth Ailing, Philanthropist

Maggi Alexander, Center for Global Philanthropy, The Philanthropic Initiative

Brenda Bancel, Take 5 Foundation

Joanne Bollinger, WISE Zambia

Holly Bonomo, Philanthropist

Zach Braiker and Purnima Thakre, Refine and Focus

Christine Brown, Philanthropist

Katie Bunten-Wamaru, African Visionary Fund

Winthrop Carty, All Together Strategies

Yasmin Causer, Philanthropist 

Sasha Chanoff, Leir Charitable Foundations, and RefugePoint

Margaret Clough, Philanthropist

Patricia and Wilfred Chilangwa, Philanthropists

Patricia Chute, Philanthropist 

Gary Cohen, Healthcare Without Harm

Jeff and Heather Collins, Philanthropists

Diana de Castro, Ascenda Global

Laura DeDominicis, Philanthropist and Nurturing Minds

Michael Delaney, Philanthropist

Blair DeMersEducation for All Children

Tory Dietel Hopps, Dietel and Partners

Jay and Tony Dinkel, Philanthropists

Paul D'Oliveira, Philanthropist

James Down, Oxfam America

Coventry Edwards Pitt, Ballentine Partners

Jeanne and John Esler, Philanthropist

Marissa Fayer, HerHealth EQ

Mike Filbey, Philanthropist

Tally Forbes, Philanthropist

Patricia Freysinger, Philanthropist

April Freitag, Philanthropist

Jane Gallagher, Restorative Justice Institute of Maine

Lori Garg, International Philanthropist

Sarah Gauger, Philanthropic Advisor

Paul Gerke, Medical Mission Exchange

Ian Gazard, Alliance for Science

Sapphira Goradia, The Goradia Foundation

Eric Grunebaum, Philanthropist

William and Mary-Jo Hannigan, Philanthropist

Tom and Susie Haslett, Seven Seas Capital

Jennifer Hill, Refugee Protection International 

Deva Hirsch, Fireman Foundation

John Huycke, Global Healthcare and Non Profit Executive

Jennifer Hyde, GoodVision USA

Elizabeth Ingraham, TIE Global Artisans

Benjamin Kahrl, Pathfinder International

Namrita Kapur, Yale School of Management 

Donna Katzin, International Philanthropist

Gillian Kellogg, Philanthropist

Tara Kenney, ACCION and Boston Common Asset Management

Rona Kiley, Philanthropist, Teach First and Teach for All

Amy Kingman, Philanthropist

Jake Kuipers, Philanthropist

Karen and Joe Lambert, Philanthropists

Steven Lee, Impact Investor

Kristin Leutz , Philanthropist

Neil Levine, Philanthropist

Carolyn Lyons, Philanthropist

Janet Magnani, Africa Health Foundation

Jon and Josie Marston, WilliamsMarston

James McClelland and Seong Noh, Philanthropists

Ketan Mehta, Philanthropist

Daniel Moss, Philanthropic Advisor, AgroEcology Fund

Marie-Rose Murphy, The Haiti Community Foundation

Rebecca Obounou, CHES Inc.

Robert and Veronica Peterson, Philanthropists

Eliza PetrowPhilanthropist

Tim Phillips, Beyond Conflict

Lindsey Pluimer, With my Own Two Hands

Denise Porche, Philanthropist

Alison PyottVeris Wealth Partners

Clare Reilly, Philanthropist

Travis Rejman, Goldin Institute

Ellen Remmer, The Philanthropic Institute 

Nancy Reynolds, International Philanthropist

Lindsey Rosen, Philanthropist

Helen RosenfeldHelping Disadvantaged Kids Network

English Sall, Philanthropist

David Santulli, United Planet

Dan Sarles, Eaglemere Foundation

Julia Schniewind, Philanthropist

Anne Stetson, Lighthouse Global Consulting

April Stone, With Women Kisoboka

Anne Sudduth, Philanthropist

Ron Sugameli, Weston Financial Group

Negar Tayyar, The Global Whole Being Fund

Robert Urban,