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Our North Star
Meeting the NEID through Community

Invest in relationships, inspiration, and action.

Core to NEID Global’s growth and impact strategy is our belief that our“superpower” is community. Too often global philanthropists work in isolation, without knowledge of how their efforts intersect with actions of local organizations and leaders, governments, foundations, or other philanthropists who are working to address poverty, health, education and so many other issues in the countries where they fund. Yet, so much more is possible when global donors understand local dynamics and are connected to leaders in the countries they are investing in, aware of each other’s efforts, and in ongoing contact with others (donors, social entrepreneurs, civil society) working to support related causes. In addition, we have found that contact with like-minded peers unleashes generosity and encourages donors to give more as their funds have more impact in partnership, or they find joy and valuable connection with others engaging in the world in similar meaningful ways. 



Our 338 members invest in all 17 SDGs and across 91 countries.


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We curate offerings that lift up local voices at the front lines of any issue area.


Our Founding 


Recognizing a dearth of learning and networking opportunities for globally focused funders, the Network of Engaged International Donors was founded in 2008. For over 15 years, we have been creating a strong community among internationally focused donors and grantmakers in Boston and New England with the mission  to help donors and family foundations working globally to  address the world’s big problems.  We offered our educational and networking events in-person until the pandemic, when our programming became almost entirely virtual.  Since then, we have grown nationally, attracting over 45% of our membership from states outside New England. In 2023 we officially established two additional in-person hubs in San Francisco and New York City. Our Strategic plan guides us as we continue to expand across the country.  By 2026 we aim to have 500 participating members and four active in-person hubs.


What We Do

For Good.

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NEID Global offers globally oriented donors a space to convene and learn from others actively engaged in a wide variety of global development efforts. Through strategic networking, educational opportunities and information sharing we strive to help our members support transformational change in the places they invest. Learn more.


NEID Global currently offers over 60 in-person and virtual events.  Most of these sessions are curated and planned in partnership with our members. We offer a range of educational opportunities which members can utilize as they wish and can benefit from regardless of where they are in their philanthropic journey, how much they give, or what their philanthropic focus is.  The NEID Global experience is self-curated by each member and they engage with the community as best suits their needs. Learn more.

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We know from 15 years of experience running NEID Global that the most effective way to increase donor giving is through community and peer learning. It is our ambition to strengthen the field of global philanthropy by offering private philanthropists a safe space to learn and grow together. In the last year our community collectively gave 11.1M USD internationally as a result of their engagement with us. Join a vibrant community of individuals, family foundations, and institutions who learn from and inspire each other to do more – together.   

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Our Vision 


We envision a world where international funders & grantees work closely together to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure peace and human rights for all.  Therefore we strive to support our members and their global philanthropy and investments, and to help them address the world’s big problems with humility, equity, and a commitment to fostering transformational change.

Our Team.
Our Network.

Our Opportunities.

Meet our incredible team and board.


Join our network of thoughtful funders.


“Philanthropy is ultimately very personal; the motivation can be complex. Through sharing experiences in the NEID Global community, individual donors are more apt to avoid pitfalls and benefit from the experiences of other philanthropists.”
Tom Haslett, Philan

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