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This is a pivotal moment in history where significant change and action is needed to address climate change and create more equity across the globe.  Alongside governments, civil society, citizens, major foundations and multilateral institutions, funders play a critical role in making these changes possible.

From the very beginning in 2008, NEID’s superpower has been our strong and vibrant international philanthropic community that seeks to work together to inspire action and create catalytic impact. Over the last year, COVID has propelled us into a virtual reality that has brought donors into our convenings from across the country and around the globe. 

NEID's work will always center around our intimate network that offers international donors a safe and authentic space to reflect, learn from each other, find partners and generate action. However, the future offers new and exciting horizons for NEID. In order to fully embrace this moment, we have expanded our membership beyond New England’s borders to the global stage, with members now joining us from 22 U.S states. This sparks an exciting new phase for NEID and with it, we are unveiling a new name and logo to fully embrace all that we know our community can achieve.

Our new name and logo symbolize the vibrant and powerful community that NEID Global is and will continue to be. 

We have heard time and time again that we are unique in that we create space for deep, authentic and profound connections among our members. Our new name and logo seek to build on this tradition and at the same time widen and expand our vibrant and powerful community to donors across the globe. We are all different, yet when we come together in community we unite within the central goal of empowering one another to help address the worlds big problems. 

As we spread our wings and expand our membership, we will continue to hold true to the heartbeat of our organization: our members. Our community is deeply connected and we will always remain true to that original goal just as our new logo remains true to its original form. You inspire us and we hope our new name and our new logo inspire you.


Keep an eye out as NEID Global’s new branding begins to be used on all of our creations, from our website and social media to our events and business cards. We hope you will join us as we evolve alongside our new name and logo. It is a new look, but the feel is the same. Our community wouldn’t be the same without your support, unique voices, and inspirational minds. We are excited to continue to grow, together.


Global reach. Global depth. Global Impact. 

Have you been interested in joining our community, but have not joined because you are not New England based? Do you have a friend, colleague or peer that you have wanted to invite to join the NEID community, but have not reached out because they live outside of the Northeast? You're in luck! Our membership is no longer restricted to New England philanthropists. Our donor community is expanding and we would love for you to be part of the expansion. Click the button below to become a NEID member and grow with us!

Join NEID Global and ignite your philanthropy! 

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