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We are the community you have been searching for. 

NEID Global is a peer to peer donor learning community that is actively engaged in working with, learning from and supporting grantees all over the world. Through weekly educational opportunities, we convene and empower the members of our philanthropic community to engage in the world and invest in meaningful, lasting change. Through their global philanthropy and investments, our members help support and address the world’s big problems with humility, equity, and a commitment to fostering transformational change.

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We are proud to convene 338 philanthropic members in our national network.


Our membership collectively gives $1.22 billion in philanthropic dollars to global causes annually.


Last year our members funded 4,975 grassroots partners across across 91 countries.

The Challenge

As one stands between the desire to make a difference and acting on that desire, where do you begin? Who will help you learn? How can you find philanthropic peers to learn alongside? How can your money make the most difference? Too often private philanthropists are siloed in their giving, lacking informed advisors or resources that can help them navigate the complex logistics of international giving or offer a deep and nuanced understanding of the forces of change that shape global situations. International philanthropy has the potential to create significant positive impact. However, without adequate information and knowledge, it can inadvertently cause harm rather than good.

The Solution

NEID Global was created in 2008 to help donors navigate the international philanthropic landscape. Our network purpose is twofold; we build community among peers and we offer 60+ annual learning opportunities to demystify global contexts. Our members have access to a safe learning environment where they engage with and learn from peers, local leaders, and experts across sectors and geographies. Philanthropy at any level can change lives if it is carried out with contextual knowledge and in partnership with those proximate to the issues.

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See how our
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Get started on your philanthropic learning journey.

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Explore weekly learning

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Global Reach.

Global Depth.

Global Impact.


Private philanthropy has untapped potential to be much more impactful. Currently, only 5% of total giving is directed towards global causes and frequently funds in Donor Advised Funds remain dormant. Global philanthropy needs a space for individual philanthropists and family foundations to find common purpose in order to give more thoughtfully and more impactfully.


NEID Global builds bridges between philanthropists, across giving capacities, and with local leaders. We connect donors with grantees and local experts. We have generated lasting partnerships and friendships. Through our community we have seen increased funding and increased investment in thoughtful, equitable and sustainable manners.


We envision a world where international funders & grantees work closely together to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure peace and human rights for all.

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